Workshops, lectures and educational events for pupils and teachers of primary and secondary schools – these are elements of a new project entitled “We zero emissions – knowledge transfer from the University of Gdansk”, prepared jointly by the Faculty of Chemistry, the Faculty of Economics and the Centre for Sustainable Development at the University of Gdansk.

The project is financed by the Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Gdańsk as part of the Regional Support Programme for Environmental Education – Educational Activities and Campaigns. The film promoting the project featured its manager, Beata Grobelna, PhD, DSc, Prof. UG, and members of the project team: Barbara Pawłowska, PhD, DSc, Prof. UG,  Magdalena Markiewicz, PhD and Krzysztof Szczepaniak, PhD.

The project includes actions to promote anti-emissions activities aimed at pupils and teachers from primary and secondary schools in Pomerania, as well as students and university staff.

We offer a range of educational and promotional activities aimed at raising environmental awareness, disseminating knowledge, shaping environmentally friendly attitudes and strengthening participants’ critical thinking skills regarding emission sources and their harmfulness. The project consists of lectures, workshops, demonstrations, competitions and conferences and is aimed at children and young people as well as students and teachers,” says Beata Grobelna, PhD, DSc, Prof. UG, Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry.

The first event of the project will already take place on 20 October 2023. On Friday, the Faculty of Chemistry will host a Sustainability Day.

This event is held as part of European Sustainability Week. Its aim is to educate and promote actions towards such a direction of development. It is aimed at the University’s socio-economic environment, primary and secondary school pupils and students. We are meeting for the fifth time, this time under the slogan “Stop Emissions! Take Care of the Climate!”. In line with the slogan, academics will present lectures, and students and scientific circles will hold workshops and demonstrations for young people. We cordially invite you to the Faculty of Chemistry on 20 October at 9.00 a.m.,” encourages Barbara Pawłowska, PhD, DSc, Prof UG, Director of the Doctoral School of Humanities and Social Sciences at UG.

The Congress of Economic and Environmental Student Research Groups is already an integral part of the academic tradition. The event will take place in April 2024 and will address the topic of zero-emissions in the context of economic action from the point of view of the individual, group behaviour and corporate action. Its aim is to broaden the awareness of pupils and students, as well as the local community, on the topic of countering emissions.

The congress will include presentations of the results of scientific research conducted by students on the feasibility of introducing measures to reduce emissions, as well as the consequences of  taken and not taken steps. The congress will be combined with an educational city game and a film competition. The planned effect of the Congress is to build the environmental awareness of school and UG students and to shape the attitude of people responsible for the state of the environment at the level of individual users, their families and local communities,” enumerates the Deputy Dean for Development and Cooperation with the Social and Economic Environment at the Faculty of Economics, Magdalena Markiewicz, PhD.

The project will also include a series of online lectures aimed at secondary school students.

Soon, today’s young people will have to face the challenges posed by climate change, environmental pollution, massive energy consumption or increasing product consumption. We are preparing a series of online lectures that will provide a solid knowledge base on this subject, to be assimilated in an accessible form and at any time. The focus will be on research findings, critical thinking and countering misinformation. The lectures are an opportunity to meet with academics and discuss how our planet can be saved from ongoing environmental degradation,” encourages the Director of the Centre for Sustainable Development, Krzysztof Szczepaniak, PhD.

The planned outcomes of the project are :

  • The fifth edition of the Sustainable Development Day at the UG “Stop Emissions! Take care of the climate!”
  • Congress of Economic and Environmental Student Societies
  • Chemistry-business-environment” conference
  • A series of online lectures aimed at secondary school students.

More information about the project can be found on the Faculty of Chemistry website.