CIR-CO-WAY – Polish-Norwegian way to the circular cooperation in industrial, science and technology parks

Institution launching the call:

Ministry for Funds and Regional Policy under the EEA Programme Bilateral Initiatives in the area of Green Transition between Poland and Norway

The Pomerania Development Agency’s project ‘CIR-CO-WAY – Polish-Norwegian way to the circular cooperation in industrial, science and technology parks’, with the Centre for Sustainable Development UG as a partner, has been selected for funding under the Green Transformation Initiatives of the Bilateral Cooperation Fund of the Norwegian Funds programme.

The project concerns Polish-Norwegian cooperation in order to increase the competence and role of science, industry and technology parks in green transformation, especially in the context of circular economy. The project will develop recommendations and a guide based on best practices and good practices from Norway. On the Norwegian side, the partner will be Skogmo IndustriPark.

“The partnership of the Centre for Sustainable Development in the CIR-CO-WAY project led by the Pomerania Development Agency is certainly not the last project on which we have the pleasure to cooperate. We are already planning other exciting initiatives with the Agency, which we hope to announce soon,”

Krzysztof Szczepaniak, PhD, CSD UG Director

Skogmo IndustriPark, the Norwegian project partner, is the leading industrial and development park in the north of the Trøndelag region. It currently currently consists of 53 companies among other things, manufacturing, transport, trade and maintenance services. These companies employ approximately 800 people. Skogmo IndustriPark’s main objective is to sustainably develop Trøndelag’s industrial and development environment, so that by 2040 the industrial park becomes fully climate-neutral while increasing turnover and employment in member companies.

“The anticipated outcome of the project will be an increase in the competence of science and technology park employees in moderating cooperation between companies in the area related to the circular economy.”

Jolanta Mrozek-Kwiatkowska, M.Sc., project manager at the CSD UG