A painting workshop with loved ones, a quiz on sustainability or a workshop on animal rights – these were just some of the attractions that awaited at the Centre for the Sustainable Development stand during the Fahrenheit Science Picnic. The event, under the motto ‘Science with climate’, was organised on 28 May 2023 by Fahrenheit Universities and Hevelianum.

As part of the science town, picnic guests had the opportunity to take part in workshops and experiments prepared by three universities: the Medical University of Gdansk, Gdansk University of Technology and University of Gdańsk. However, that weren’t the only attractions. The youngest visitors were able to take part, among others, in a performance entitled ‘Fahrenheit’s Laboratory’, or the ‘Harpuś’ field game.

The Centre for Sustainable Development was also invited to set up its own stand at the event. In the CZRUG tent, visitors could take part in a quiz on the sustainable development goals. The ‘Wishes for the Earth’ collaborative painting workshop also attracted great interest. These were prepared and led by Małgorzata Karczmarzyk, PhD, painter, educator and researcher from the Institute of Pedagogy, Faculty of Social Science.

“The participants painted the beauty of the natural, wild landscape. As they said, they need there to be more meadows, wild woods and more places undeveloped by man. My impressions are positive, there was a lot of interest in the picnic. It was an opportunity to meet, have fun and enjoy the various attractions and cultural events. My art dialogues were very popular and the positive impressions were also a sign of a successful event,” says Malgorzata Karczmarzyk, PhD.

The Centre for Sustainable Development’s stand was also supported by the environmental activist group Zielone Ogniwo (eng. green nexus), which prepared a workshop entitled ‘The Animal Part of the City’. Together with children, the young activists sought answers to the question of how to act when encountering animals in the city and why they are an important part of the urban landscape.

Our impact on the planet is so enormous that scientists are prophesying the Earth’s entry into a new geological epoch, the human epoch. Next to the chillout area, visitors could see an exhibition by Dawid Weisbrodt, PhD, coordinator of the Education for Sustainable Development CZRUG programme, entitled “Anthropocene – how man dominated the world in 70 years”. These are ten educational boards depicting the idea of sustainable development and the effects of climate change in Pomerania captured in photographs.

Sustainability was an important topic at the Fahrenheit Picnic. How to cook healthily and wisely? At the invitation of CZRUG, chef Piotr Miś Schroeder revealed the secrets of sustainable cuisine on the Science Stage. In turn, Barbara Kijewska, PhD, Vice Dean for Student Affairs of the Faculty of Social Sciences at UG and coordinator of the CZRUG internship programme, took part in the debate “Science Speaks. In the Balance’, where, together with other invited guests: Prof. Szymon Malinowski, Maciej Tankiewicz, PhD, Eng, Hanna Staroszczyk, PhD, Eng, and Marcin Jasiukowicz, they discussed whether the ambitious Sustainable Development Goals are compatible with our needs.

An important part of the stand was the permanent programme. The youngest children were able to colour drawings prepared by hand by Zuzanna Kijewska. Slightly older ones tried their hand at a quiz with prizes on the Sustainable Development Goals.

“The interest in our position exceeded my expectations. Many questions were “shock therapy” for people. Questions about discrimination against women were particularly impressive. People taking part were generally unaware of the plight of women in developing countries,” says Jacek Kowalczyk, a student , who co-hosted the quiz.

At the stand, it was also possible to meet Krzysztof Szczepaniak, PhD, Director of the Centre for Sustainable Development, and staff members: Jolanta Mrozek-Kwiatkowska, Maria Karbowska and Szymon Gronowski.

“The huge interest in our stand, as well as in the entire Fahrenheit Picnic, is proof that climate and sustainability are important topics that are able to interest not only young people but also the youngest. All it takes is to show them in an interesting way. The Fahrenheit University and Hevelianum initiative has shown that this is possible. I am glad that we could contribute to this wonderful event,” says Krzysztof Szczepaniak, PhD.