The City of Gdańsk is active and organises numerous initiatives to combat the causes and effects of climate change. One of them is the Gdańsk Climate Change Forum (GCCF) established in 2020. The representative of the Centre for Sustainable Development of the University of Gdańsk, Krzysztof Szczepaniak, PhD, joined the GCCF Council in 2021. The aim of the Forum is to identify problems related to climate change and to work out solutions that can minimise the effects of this phenomenon. The forum is open and anyone interested in this subject can participate in it.

The Gdańsk Climate Change Forum is a series of meetings during which participants indicate and name specific problems, and then work out proposals and methods of solving them. Anyone who wants to participate in the sessions will receive support from experts and representatives of the Gdańsk City Hall. The organisers also invite social activists, city activists and all those for whom the problems related to caring for our planet are important to participate in the consultations. Discussions of the Gdańsk Climate Change Forum take place in several thematic groups, including: rainfall and flood, air quality, temperature changes and occurring droughts.