Dear Students, we are inviting you to an internship at the Centre for Sustainable Development in the new academic year 2022/23. If you are interested, please read the rules of internship under the CSDUG Internship Programme.


The internship at the Centre was very instructive. Thanks to the Centre, I became more interested in the issues of sustainable development, and participation in the workshops in a multicultural group allowed me to get to know different perspectives and experiences of my peers from many parts of Europe and the world. Workshops on the analysis of existing data and thematic analysis of interviews helped me develop my research competences, necessary in the work of a beginning sociologist. The tasks that I performed during the internship also contributed to gaining new experiences and improving my skills. As interns, we could always count on the support and help of the Centre’s coordinators.

Agnieszka, Student

I regard participation in the internship as very successful, thanks to the analysis of Think Tanks and reading two interviews, I learned a lot about the idea of sustainable development […] I got to know the techniques of conducting an interview and its thematic analysis, which I will certainly use in the future.

Mateusz, Student

The staff working at the Centre allowed each intern to engage in tasks in which they could use of the skills acquired in the course of studying. What I find particularly valuable is the fact that we got a possibility of enhancing our skills.

Joachim, Student