ENIEC is a European network of professionals bringing together academics, care workers, volunteers and staff from public institutions. It is an informal platform for the exchange of ideas, experiences and good practices. Our aim is to ensure that older migrants across Europe can live in an environment of tolerance, understanding and respect.

The Chair of the ENIEC Board of Directors is Elżbieta Czapka, PhD, coordinator of the International Cooperation programme at the Centre for Sustainable Development.

The theme of this year’s meeting was migration from east to west in a new setting. CZRUG was the co-organiser of the second day of the event, while the whole event was supervised by Weronika Kaminska, MA.

During the meeting, we discussed, among other things, the situation of refugees from Ukraine in Poland.

On the third day, ENIEC members were hosted by the Emigration Museum, where a panel session “Empowering elderly migrants and refugees from Ukraine in Poland” was chaired by Irena Chawrilska, PhD.

We discussed following issues:

  • activities dedicated to migrants from Ukraine in museums and multicultural centres: experiences, good practices and perspectives
  • cultural practices of Ukrainian migrants in Poland
  • the linguistic competence of senior migrants in the context of language support offered in Poland
  • conculture: the process of formation of the Ukrainian minority, a way of avoiding intercultural conflicts, a path to ghettoization?
  • the process of designinig interventions that engage migrants in cultural activities to build their resilience, wellbeing and facilitate integration.