We are happy to announce that the project ““Zerujemy emisje – transfer wiedzy (z) Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego” (We zero emissions – knowledge transfer from the University of Gdansk), prepared jointly by the Faculty of Chemistry, the Faculty of Economics and the Centre for Sustainable Development of the UG, has received funding from the Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Gdansk within the framework of the Regional Support Programme for Environmental Education – educational activities and campaigns and will be implemented at the University of Gdańsk from September 2023.

Activities popularising anti-emissions will be addressed to students and teachers of primary and secondary schools in Pomerania, as well as university students and staff. The project will include: the fifth edition of the Sustainable Development Day at the UG under the slogan ‘Stop Emissions! Take care of the climate!”, the Congress of Economic and Environmental Student Circles (KEEKS) and the conference “Chemistry-business-environment”. A series of online lectures for secondary school students will also be prepared and held.

The project is headed by the Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry, Beata Grobelna, PhD, DSc, Prof of the UG. The project team also includes: Magdalena Markiewicz, PhD, Barbara Pawłowska, PhD, DSc, prof of the UG, Krzysztof Szczepaniak, PhD, Dawid Weisbrodt, PhD, Sylwia Machowska-Okrój, PhD, Ewa Ignaciuk, PhD, M.Sc. Przemysław Wysiński, M.Sc. Magda Kozak and M.Sc. Jolanta Mrozek-Kwiatkowska.

Based on the positive experience of the project work, we encourage employees of the units of the University of Gdansk to join interdisciplinary projects aimed at sustainable development activities and promoting the SDG goals!