Institution launching the call:

European Commission under Horizon2020

The overall objective of the reSEArch-EU (Reinforce Sustainable Actions, Resilience, Cooperation and Harmonisation Across and by the SEA-EU Alliance) project is to develop the SEA-EU Alliance in the context of research and innovation, cooperation with the environment, including in particular business.

The main tasks carried out by the University of Gdansk include:

  • Development of a virtual Technology Development Centre to analyse management practices regarding intellectual property rights;
  • Building a training programme within the Spin-Off Competence Lab, to develop awareness and entrepreneurial competences among researchers
  • Establish the SEA-INNOVATE HUB – a platform to integrate the activities of scientists and business in innovation development;
  • Testing the Marine Science Shop model – a unit that connects the university with the environment, mainly society, and proposes solutions to local problems.

The Centre for Sustainable Development is involved in performing task 2.5. (Greening research and innovation practices), the aim of which is to estimate carbon footprint of research activities and to undertake mitigation measures, and Mapping and analysis of stakeholder engagement approaches and strategies within the Alliance as well as 4.2. Enhancing transdisciplinary cooperation by pilot projects.

The above tasks are connected with the programmes implemented by the CSDUG: Internship Programme and Green University Programme.