It is now three months since the war in Ukraine began. Many Ukrainians who were forced to flee their country have spent this time in Poland. How have we helped them so far? How are we helping them today?

A wise migration policy is key. Integration does not work only one way. Not only do immigrants and refugees need to integrate with us, but we also need to integrate with them. They need equal access to health care, for example, but their specific needs must be taken into account. One of the first and most important stages of integration with people coming from Ukraine is learning Polish.

During the discussion For Ukraine. Experiences and perspectives, experts tried to answer the question how to prepare for the migration crisis and whether it is possible at all? Participants in the discussion included:

  • Dominika Ciach, the Faculty of Philology
  • Kinga Langowska, MA, PhD student, the Faculty of History
  • Elżbieta Czapka, PhD, the Faculty of Social Sciences

The discussion was moderated by Martyna Wielewska-Baka, PhD.

The talk was organised by the Centre for Sustainable Development UG as part of the Culturally about Sustainable Development Programme, coordinated by Irena Chawrilska, PhD.