On Tuesday, 26 October 2023. the Centre for Sustainable Development was visited by students and researchers from Odesa Mechnikov National University, who were hosted at the University of Gdansk at the invitation of Arnold Kłonczyński, PhD, DSc, Prof. UG, Vice-Rector for Students and Quality of Education in cooperation with the UG Student and Doctoral Activity Centre.

Krzysztof Szczepaniak, PhD, Director of CZRUG, together with Jolanta Mrozek-Kwiatkowska, CZRUG project manager, shared experiences and presented good practices of the UG in implementing sustainable development goals. The meeting was also an opportunity to exchange opinions on the socio-economic situation in the world.

Visitors from the Odessa I. Mechnikov National University stayed at the University of Gdansk as part of the project ‘Complementary support for activities undertaken by the University of Gdansk within the framework of The European University of the Seas [SEA-EU] alliance in the field of academic cooperation with the Odessa I. Mechnikov National University’ funded by the National Academic Exchange Agency.