PhD in Biology, botanist, university professor in the Department of Plant Taxonomy and Nature Conservation at the Faculty of Biology, University of Gdańsk, head of the Laboratory of Geobotany and Nature Conservation.

Academic lecturer in the fields of: Biology, Chemistry, Bioinformatics, and at Universities of the Third Age

Chairman or vice-chairman of the Regional Committee of the Biology Olympiad in Gdańsk (since 2006).

Head of postgraduate studies “Valorisation and Protection of Natural Objects” conducted at the Faculty of Biology in the years 2011-2021

Expert of the Polish Accreditation Committee in the field of Biological Sciences, in the disciplines of environmental protection and biology

Member of the Pomeranian Landscape Parks Programme Council for the term of office 2022-2026

Member of the Association Pomerania Landscape Conservation Institute

Teaching achievement – Medal of the National Education Commission
Academic achievement – Individual Prize of the Prime Minister for a doctoral dissertation

His research interests focus on: 

Geobotany, nature conservation, anthropogenic transformation of the plant cover, plant taxonomy with particular reference to the order Orchidales