The Baltic University Programme’s Coordinating Secretariat at Uppsala University and Poznan University of Technology are pleased to announce the BUP’s annual Student Conference for 2024. This year’s conference is entitled ‘Changed circumstances and new threats for sustainability in the Baltic Sea Region’. The conference is free of charge and open to bachelor and master students studying at BUP participating universities. In total, 90 students will be selected to take part at the conference.  

The event aims to develop students’ knowledge of interdisciplinary and intercultural communication. The war in Ukraine and its implications, among others from a European perspective, will also be one of the topics of the conference.

The conference will take place from 15-18 April 2024 at Poznan University of Technology. The deadline for submissions is 25 February 2024. Qualified students will be provided with accommodation (in the case of those from outside Poznań) and meals.

For more information on the Conference, the programme and a link to the registration form:

BUP Student Conference 2024 – The Baltic University Programme – Uppsala University, Sweden (