Social skills such as public speaking, financial management, and teamwork are extremely important in the world around us. At what age is it best to acquire them? Students from Pomeranian high schools unanimously answer that for them this period is now.

The Center for Sustainable Development of the University of Gdansk is cooperating with Educational Society Common Knowledge (Towarzystwo Edukacyjne Wiedza Powszechna) and Pomeranian high schools in the project called “Pomeranian Academy of Social Competences” which is co-financed by the European Union within the Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development, Priority axis: I. Young people on the labor market, Actions: 1.4 Youth Solidarity in Action.

The main objective of the project was to develop social skills of high school students, important from the perspective of labor market needs and requirements. Students had the opportunity to take part in a comprehensive support path, including workshops on communication skills and civic activity, civic green school, training workshops on self-presentation, implementation of group projects in the framework of NGOs or youth organizations, workshops on public speaking.

Within the undertaking, groups of students from Pomeranian high schools also implemented their own projects financed by microgrants. They were able to finance social initiatives thematically related to the region, culture and safety. There were 23 groups participating in the project.

On Thursday, 02.06.2022 at the Faculty of Chemistry of UG a gala and contest of projects summing up and crowning the whole undertaking took place. At the opening of the event, the Coordinator of the Internship Program of the UG Center for Sustainable Development, Bartosz Duraj, MA, and the President of the Educational Society Common Knowledge, Anna Odrobińska, spoke. Then the floor was taken by the Vice-Rector for Research, Prof. Wiesław Laskowski, who emphasized that the University of Gdańsk was ranked first among Polish universities in the Impact Rankings 2022, which assessing the activity of universities from all over the world in terms of implementing the Sustainable Development Goals. Pomeranian high school students were also welcomed by the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences for Student Affairs, Barbara Kijewska, PhD, Coordinator of the Internship Program at the Center for Sustainable Development. Afterwards, the gala’s opening speech was delivered remotely by the Director of the Center for Sustainable Development, Sylwia Mrozowska, PhD, DSc, Prof of the UG. The organization of the gala was supported by the Center for Student and Doctoral Activities UG because the ceremony was conducted by Marcelina Wilczewska and Piotr Patalas, who are active in the Center’s structures.

For the competition part, students prepared presentations of their projects. They were judged by a jury consisting of, among others, representatives of the University of Gdansk units: Vice-chairman of the UG Students’ Parliament for Internationalisation and International Students Paweł Serafin and Vice-chairman for Projects Bartosz Chojnacki. The results of the competition were announced by Maciej Ubranek, Head of Pszczółki Commune.

First place ex aequo:

  • Raising awareness on prevention and dealing with dangerous situations – supervisor Beata Płotka, Jan III Sobieski High School no. 1 in Wejherowo;
  • Artistic disorder – supervisor Jolanta Rulewska-Przybek, Agnieszka Osiecka High School No. 3 in Sopot

First place prizes: TV workshops.

Second place ex aequo:

  • Athens School – supervisor Jolanta Rulewska-Przybek; Agnieszka Osiecka High School No. 3 in Sopot
  • Recreational board games to improve relationships – supervisors: Krzysztof Rześniowiecki and Małgorzata Bąk; Stefan Żeromski 5th Secondary School in Gdańsk

Prizes for the second place: TV workshops.

Third place ex aequo:

  • History of Wejherowo Calvary before XXI century. – The board game based on the history of Wejherowo and the Calvary, topography of Wejherowo Calvary, talks with Kashubian Mysterians – supervisor Barbara Malawska; Jan III Sobieski High School No. 1 in Wejherowo;
  • Hear the deaf – supervisor Iwona Lipińska; IIIrd Polish Navy High School in Gdynia

Third place prizes: radio workshops.