The sector agreement for the development of the offshore wind power industry in Poland (Polish Offshore Wind Sector Deal) was formally signed on 15 September 2021 in Warsaw. The University was represented by the Vice-Rector for Innovation and Cooperation with the Socio-Economic Environment,  Krzysztof Bielawski, PhD, DSc, ProfTit. The Ministry of Climate and Environment initiated the agreement with a Letter of intent on cooperation in the development of offshore wind energy in Poland signed in July last year. In October 2021, work in six working groups began. The University of Gdańsk was represented by Sylwia Mrozowska, PhD, DSc, ProfTit of the UG, the Director of the Centre for Sustainable Development, involved in the work of Group No. 1 – Personnel and Education System Development and Group No. 5 – Social Education. The purpose of the signed Agreement is to undertake and implement joint activities aimed at development of the offshore wind power industry in Poland on the basis of the maximisation of the share of the so-called „local content” in the supply chain in the process of building offshore wind farms. Over 180 signatories of the agreement are representatives of government and local government administration, investors, entities participating in the supply chain for the offshore wind energy sector, as well as industry organisations, universities and research and development institutes. The signatories of the agreement intend to create a permanent framework for cooperation in the development of the offshore wind power industry in Poland, bearing in mind the need to ensure economic development, increase the competitiveness of Polish entrepreneurs, economic and energy security of Poland based on its own, stable, zero-emission generation sources, that is offshore wind farms.