On 28 September 2021, a virtual event was held presenting the capabilities and opportunities of universities associated in the SEA-EU association and regions for SMEs operating in the field of the so-called Blue Economy.

At the meeting, the University of Gdańsk was represented by the Rector, Piotr Stepnowski, PhD, DSc, ProfTit, who broadly presented the potential of the university in the field related to the topic of the conference. After the plenary part, the participants were divided into four workshops:

  1. Marine construction and offshore wind energy;
  2. Ports and logistics;
  3. Fisheries, aquaculture and marine bio-products;
  4. Sea tourism.

The first workshop was chaired by Sylwia Mrozowska, PhD, DSc, ProfTit of the UG, the Director of the Centre for Sustainable Development of the UG. During this workshop,  Krzysztof Szczepaniak, PhD discussed the research areas and the results of research conducted by researchers at the University of Gdańsk. The potential of the Pomeranian Voivodeship in the field of offshore energy was presented by: Karolina Lipińska, PhD, Deputy Director for Enterprise Development and Innovation in the Department of Economic Development in the Marshal’s Office of the Pomeranian Voivodeship and a representative of the Pomeranian economic community – Maciej Mieśmieński, CEE Energy Group president, director of the Pomeranian Platform of Maritime Wind Energy Development.