On Thursday, 1 February 2024 at the UG Faculty of Biology, the UG Centre for Sustainability organised a visit for senior citizens from the Biskupia Górka Senior Support Centre.

The guests were welcomed by Piotr Rutkowski, PhD, DSc, Prof. UG, coordinator of the Education for Sustainable Development programme at the Centre for Sustainable Development, head of the Geobotany and Nature Conservation Laboratory of the Faculty of Biology. CZRUG intends to soon periodically organise educational events for students, the UG community and the social environment aimed at education for sustainable development.

The Senior Citizen Support Centre at 4 Biskupia Street is a place where people over 55 years of age who live alone in the Biskupia Górka and Stare Chełm area and need support and care in their daily activities can participate in group, artistic and physical activities, as well as in consultations with a psychologist and educationalist.