The Centre for Sustainable Development is increasingly opening up to research collaborations with students from abroad. On 4 July, Pelin Indibay joined our team for the summer holidays. A student of Political Science and International Relations at Manisa Selal Bayar University, she began a three-month internship as part of the UG Centre for Sustainable Development’s Internship Programme coordinated by Barbara Kijewska, PhD.

Meanwhile, a day later, on 5 July, CZRUG hosted Dina Santana from the Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication at the University of Cadiz. The student’s visit is ongoing as part of the pilot version of the SEA-EU programme for students writing interdisciplinary master’s theses.

Both Pelin and Dina have been invited to collaborate substantively with CZRUG staff. The Director of the Centre, Sylwia Mrozowska, PhD, DSc, Prof of the UG, offered the students to organise workshops and participate in networking meetings in English with the academic community and foreign guests.