Dozens of panels, speakers and several hundred guests from Poland and abroad – the second Young Science Congress (Kongres Młodej Nauki), an international scientific conference organised at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Gdansk by the UG Student Parliament, the UG Doctoral Student Council and the UG Student and Doctoral Activity Centre, has come to an end. The event lasted four days – from 7 to 10 July 2022.

Photo: Mateusz Kufliński, Dominik Bien.

In dozens of panels, young scientists were able to present their research results and make scientific contacts. Presentations at the conference covered the fields of science, humanities and social sciences, among others. The high quality of the presentations was ensured by representatives of Gdańsk universities forming a scientific committee chaired by the Rector of UG Professor Piotr Stepnowski.

Speakers at the Congress included Barbara Kijewska, PhD, Vice Dean for Student Affairs at WNS and Coordinator of the Internship Programme of the UG Centre for Sustainable Development. During the plenary session The Role of Women in Political Science, she discussed together with Danuta Plecka, PhD, DSc, Prof, of the UG, Krzysztof Szewior, PhD, DSc, Prof of the UW, and PhD student Mateusz Kuflinski. The discussion, moderated by Joanna Jakubowska, dealt with mechanisms for increasing women’s participation in politics, their presence in science and politics, and the Gender Equality Policy Implementation Plan at the University of Gdańsk.

– The need to recognise the reproductive economy, which is the backbone of the economy because every day starts with it, sustains the foundations of family and social life, requires time, knowledge, skills, care, empathy, teaching and reciprocity without which there will be no GDP growth – said Barbara Kijewska, PhD.

The Centre for Sustainable Development of the University of Gdańsk (CZRUG) was also represented at the Congress by Bartosz Duraj, M.Sc., Ph.D. student, Coordinator of the Programme for Cooperation with the Social Environment. Together with Aleksander Kuczabski, PhD, DSc, Prof of the UG, Plenipotentiary of the UG Rector for Aid to Ukraine; Piotr Patalas, co-organiser of the campaign to help Ukraine; and Marcelina Wilczewska, initiator and organiser of the campaign, they discussed the largest student collection in Poland for the benefit of Ukrainian citizens, the centre of which was located at the UG Faculty of Social Sciences. The topics of discussion also included the involvement of students in scientific circles and student organisations. The important role of CZRUG in the process of popularising knowledge on sustainable development among students, doctoral students and university staff was also pointed out. The conversation was moderated by Łukasz Bień.

The next Young Science Congress will take place next year. You are already warmly invited!