The CSDUG’s Internship Programme is addressed to students of the University of Gdańsk who, while preparing their bachelor’s or master’s thesis, are dealing with issues of sustainable development or for whom they are of interest.

The internship programme in the formula 20-20-60 consists of: workshops (20%), observation of the work of experts (job shadowing) (20%), tasks in line with the individual internship programme (60%).

The hours and duration of the internship depend on the intern’s agreement with the CSDUG Internship Programme coordinator and the internship regulations for the intern’s field of study.

Candidates interested in an internship are asked to send a cover letter presenting their interests related to sustainable development (bachelor’s / master’s thesis, activity in social organisations, professional plans) along with the number of hours of internship that the intern would like to complete in the CSDUG to, the subject of the message should be: student internship.

Job Shadowing
Individual Internship Programme


The Internship Programme contains many activities that will be individually tailored to the intern’s needs and will be related to current tasks and projects carried out at the Centrer. As part of the internship, the student will receive a range of tasks with a specific number of hours allocated for their completion. The Centre will confirm the completion of the internship in accordance with the regulatory requirements relevant to the field of study.


Implementation of project activities, organisation and participation in international and national conferences, organisation and participation in the conduct of in-depth interviews, preparation (editing) of popular science materials, cooperation in the field of social media, review of press reports, participation in training and seminars, analysis of research institutes’ activity, political and economic agendas operating in the field of sustainable development, participation in the report preparing team, implementation of own projects related to the scope of the CSDUG’s activities, including the organisation of discussions and meetings.


  • access to the Internet;

  • basic knowledge of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development;
  • ability to organise work independently;

  • accuracy, reliability, perceptiveness.


  • training;

  • tools necessary to perform the tasks;

  • ongoing substantive care by the internship tutor;

  • flexible working time;

  • completion of compulsory student internships;

  • opportunity to gain experience in research work and work with the external environment (social and economic entities cooperating with the CSDUG);

  • opportunity to learn about the specifics of the preparation of project applications and the implementation of scientific and educational projects.