Programs carried out by our team

Research and projects

Learn more about the project reSEArch-EU, our role in the European University of the Seas and the Pomeranian Academy of Social Competences (PASC).

International Corporation

Learn more about the CSDUG’s main tasks in the field of international cooperation.

Education for Sustainable Development

Find out more about the Education for Sustainable Development Programme.

Greening University

The University of Gdańsk, like many universities in the world, will contribute to catalysing a more sustainable society and economy.

Internship Programme

As part of the programme, students can complete compulsory student internships with the exception of apprenticeships.

Cooperation with the Social Environment

Learn what we do in community outreach. Let’s do something together.

Culturally about Sustainable Development

In the Culturally about Sustainable Development Programme, we critically ponder the role of culture in the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals

Discussions about Sustainable Development

We popularise research results as well as teaching and project activities related to sustainable development. See how.