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Discussions about Sustainable Development Programme

In this programme we popularise research results as well as teaching and project activities related to sustainable development of scientists, educators, doctoral students and students of the University of Gdańsk. The project is carried out on the basis of interviews, presentations, popular science articles with an indication of source materials that are published on the Centre’s website.

Students ask Anna Mazurkiewicz, PhD, DSc, Prof of the UG about migration

Historian Anna Mazurkiewicz, PhD, DSc, Prof of the UG about migration movements:

Right now, looking globally, we have 82 million people – most of them are people who have been forced to leave their home but they have not left the territory of their country. […] They seek safety, but they cannot stay at home. Wars always mean suffering, fear of losing their lives.

Anna Mazurkiewicz, PhD, DSc, Prof of the UG is a historian, professor at the University of Gdansk, Deputy Dean for Research and International Cooperation and Head of the Department of Contemporary History at the Faculty of History.

The interview was conducted by CZRUG intern Aleksander Piskorz.

Students ask about COVID-19 – virologist Prof. Krystyna Bieńkowska-Szewczyk answers

Virologist prof. Krystyna Bieńkowska-Szewczyk about coronavirus epidemic and vaccinations:

There are examples that very young people, in very good condition, were seriously ill. That is why vaccination is highly recommended for everyone, even if they are in the best condition.

We invite you to watch the interview “University talks obout sustainable development – COVID-19” with prof. Krystyna Bieńkowska-Szewczyk, a virologist from the Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology of the University of Gdańsk and the Medical University of Gdańsk.

The interview was conducted by CZRUG intern Stanisław Sobecki.

Students ask Ernest Czermanski, PhD, DSc, Prof of the UG, about sustainable transport

Dr. Ernest Czermanski, Prof. UG on trolleybus transport:

We tried to find arguments why this transport is modern, ecological, environmentally friendly and reliable.

We invite you to the interview “University talks about sustainable development – sustainable transport”. Ernest Czermanski, PhD, DSc, Prof of the UG is Head of the Division of Seaborne Trade of the Department of Maritime Transport and Seaborne Trade.

The interview was conducted by CZRUG intern Janina Repeka.


Sustainability from our interviewees perspective


An interview with Professor Beata Grobelna, the Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry, at the University of Gdańsk

Both the University of Gdańsk and university teachers from the Faculty of Chemistry have an important role to play in sharing knowledge and engaging in local and international outreach. Our actions aim at raising awareness of, and communicating knowledge about, issues related to multidimensional impacts on the environment and society. Reliable, science-based and comprehensible information is provided to children, young people, and adults with already established opinions.
Read the full interview


An interview with Dr Grażyna Chaberek, Deputy Director of the Institute of Social and Economic Geography and Spatial Management of the University of Gdańsk

One way of changing our thinking is focusing on the value of relation and integration. Future cities should be for people, not cars. My research results demonstrate that one of the major problems of contemporary cities is an excessive number of cars, which affects safety, environmental quality, and life quality in the sense that we spend a lot of time getting from one place to another. This, in turn, has a detrimental impact on mental health and household budgets.

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